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Poonam R..:

Mumbai, India

With just two simple step every day i was quickly noticing changes happening to my breasts, they were beginning to more full android, they were sitting higher 'perky' and they feel soft and firm. Using 'BIG-BXL' was very beneficial and say i didn't have to go through the pain or inconvenience of breast augmentation surgery


Kolkata, India

Before BIG-BXL Capsule And Cream, I was very shy and had little confidence because of they way my breasts felt, the size, shape and fullness of them made me lack confidence. After taking the capsule and using the cream everyday for a couple weeks. I felt a lot more fullness in my breasts, they became a little bit perky and also notice that my nipples became more sensitive, and am full of confidence everyday!

Dez L.:

Sydney, Australia

i have been taking your breast enhancement product for the past for the past few weeks. My breast are noticeably tighter looking and feeling.With more sensitive nipples adn perkier breasts, they haven't been the only thing perking up around the house!



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Hello! I have always been unhappy about my small breasts. I knew I would be more confident with bigger breasts,and my breasts are now bigger than I ever imagined! I am so happy about my new body! I used to wear an A cup and now I am a full B or small C! I highly recommend top10herbal to all of those women out there who are confused and unsure about herbal breast pills. This site is the best for up-to-date, unbiased, informative reviews of the best products around. Thank you for helping me make such a smart decision.



Hi, my name is Marie. I’ve had small breasts all my life. The first time I remember it really starting to bother me is around jr. high. With the onset of puberty,

I always have to have a padded bra. Otherwise I feel too masculine in my clothes. Years have gone by since high school, but surgery and the desire to have larger breasts has been a constant in the back of my mind.

I discovered BIG-BXL Capsule in 2008 through one of my many internet searches,Since than I am using this amazing capsules and my breast grown up.